Take 3. Or take 4? No. Strike three.

And once again I am starting up my blog. Again!

But I will try to provide a little more consistency this time.

I will chronicle my new war with the Guggenheim Dodgers, SportsnetLA, and Time Warner Cable. The Blue Meanies in Dodger Blue. The ones who hold Vin Scully hostage in the greater L.A. area as TWC paid way too much money for broadcast rights and are now trying to force us to switch to their network, or get our networks to pay way too much money for their service.

I am very happy with my DirectTV and the MLB Network. I will never switch to TWC ever. Ever. I get to watch every team. Except my team, the Dodgers, who I have followed for over 50 years. And the worst part about it is that this is Vin Scully’s final season. I have been listening to Vin Scully my whole life and after he retires I am never going to spend a dime on anything Dodger Blue ever again. Guggenheim does not realize that they are committing an unforgivable offense. Vin Scully is a hundred times larger than Guggenheim and SportsnetLA/TWC combined in this town, and the next announcer we get is just going to be some other announcer. And a lot of long-time Dodger fans who have been shut out for the last two, going on three seasons will not care anymore.

And one more thing. If I do happen to catch some Dodger games this on TV this year. If I find myself at a sports bar or a friend’s house with SportsnetLA. I will be taking note of the advertisers and boycotting those products.

Stuff and More Stuff

And even more stuff than that! Piles up. Comes from nowhere. All kinds of stuff. Just got home from getting a root canal. I did not need or want that stuff. But I see a little space clearing and since it is Monday I am going to attempt to get things done. Okay. Practice my guitar and work on that new song I have been writing. Okay. I’m out!

Just finished my first two websites!

I have been “building” websites for years but have always used some kind of a WYSIWYG editor. That made it so easy. Now I am learning to code myself so I am starting all my websites over from scratch. Here are the first two sites for your viewing pleasure. Okay, they are one-page sites, and very simple HTML, but I think they are very cool. And they will get better real fast as I learn more code. Here are the links. Enjoy.