Okay. Time to come back to Earth.

June 17, 2014

I have been in NHL Hockey Heaven this month watching my Los Angeles Kings win their second Stanley Cup in three years. Went to the parade yesterday to celebrate with a few hundred thousand of my best friends. Had a blast of a good time! Go Kings, GO!

How About My L.A. Kings?

June 2, 2014

What an amazing series. Hats off to the Blackhawks. Much respect.

Now, go KINGS!

Just Added: “My Music” Links

May 31, 2014

And now you can go directly to my music pages on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify, and go to my Facebook artist page!

I may add more online stores and other subscription services later, but this is definitely enough to start.

Update on my New Year’s resolution

May 28, 2014

So far this is the farthest I have gone into any year in which I tried this. Learning a new song every day. Or simply, 365 songs over one year. I am currently about 20 songs off the pace but will most likely be all caught up, and perhaps even ahead of schedule, by the end of June, as I am in the process of beginning to learn a bunch of new songs for a special gig that I have coming up.

Just getting organized here…

May 28, 2014

Trying new themes. Building on some ideas. Preparing for big changes. More to come…

Welcome to my Blog

May 19, 2014

Just starting over. Here we go.


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